Have you ever wondered who you really are? Would you like to uncover the secrets of your ancestors their past or perhaps any scandals, achievements or gallantry?

I offer a bespoke service, stepping into the past to present you with an easy informative family tree and a book of your history

Family trees make a wonderful gift as well as a unique keepsake for future generations.

Family tree

About Me.

In the late 90’s I began tracing my family history. I always had a natural passion for local history and started researching my own family tree as a hobby, often travelling to London to search at the record office. At that time the internet wasn’t quite as helpful and the resources were not available, however after receiving my first birth certificate which held unanswered questions I was hooked.

Since that time I have managed to trace a whole side of my family that had been lost from the memories of my nearest and dearest. I discovered new relatives and uncovered secrets and stories that I never thought possible, uncovering information about my ancestors, their lives and building a picture of how they lived. Discovering occupations and finding that my ancestors have lived and worked close to where I live now has been fascinating. I remain enthralled and have gained the knowledge and experience that has helped me complete additional successful research for friends and colleagues. In addition to my own. Seeing the joy, wonder and amazement that this creates has driven me to work towards the necessary professional qualifications and bring history alive.

I am registered with the Society of Geneologists and currently working towards becoming an assosiate of AGRA.

I am also a member of The Suffolk family history society.

Society of Genealogists


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PRICE £375.00

As I am currently working towards professional accreditation I am currently able to offer my services at half price. The introductory price includes:


Occasionally the research may require extra certificates however these will only be ordered with prior consent and if no other means of making progress with the research can be found. Additional specialised research on individual members or family groups is also available at a rate of £20.00 per hour and minimal travel costs would be charged for visits to the record offices. Due to my location I am best placed to visit local archives in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. In addition, I am able to visit local churches and with permission obtain photographs of graves, should this be required. I would also consider travelling further afield, if you are interested in this please contact me via email with your requirements.


After a positive assessment is achieved I will ask you for a £50.00 deposit before the research can continue.

You have a choice of payment methods.

You can pay by cheque, PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How many generations can you go back?

I will endeavour to go back as far as possible. Civil registration began in 1837 but records were usually kept by parishes much further back. Parish records are usually less accurate therefore realistically research records will probably date back to the early 1700's. Progress will vary depending upon the survival, condition and availability of records.

How long will research take?

Genealogical research varies but in general will take 4-6 weeks.

Do you cover all areas?

I am best placed to research British records but have undertaken research for other countries. An assessment form will need to be completed prior to a project commencement. This will be free of charge. Once assessment has taken place I will require a £50 deposit to commence research.

Will you be able to help me?

An assessment form will need to be completed free of charge prior to the commencement of work or any payment taken, if for any reason I am unable to help I will be able to tell you at this stage or direct you to the necessary organisations that will be able to help.

Why hire a genealogist?

Working with you I am able to discover your requirements and explain my findings. I have professional memberships and many resources available as well as the experience that would help me when you may have hit a wall with research

I offer attention to detail and a professional service.

Can you offer an individual service?

Nothing is set in stone. Should you wish a more detailed research plan please contact me directly to discuss your requirements?

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